Games are the
top activity on
and tablets

London Venture Partners is focussed on investing in European companies in the digital games sector. Games are the top activity on smartphones.

The game sector has experienced strong growth year on year, for the past two decades with a 26% CAGR and now has approximately $100 billion in total public company market capitalisation. Since 1997, almost $40 billion of value has been created for investors & founders. We believe that is just the beginning of incredible value creation from new disruptive game companies.

Historically European games companies have generated investment returns for their investors & founders, versus North American games companies, and yet Europe remains vastly under-served by VC. Our extensive industry background gives us unrivalled, proprietary deal-flow across this highly capital efficient geography and our domain specific operating experience makes us the first choice for games company entrepreneurs. Our extensive networks globally brings high level access to strategic partners for distribution, co-development, investment and exit.

We are
investors in
the future

Investors in the future leaders of the digital social, mobile and tablet games industry.

The London Venture Partners seed fund is a new fund focussed on the digital game sector.

The social, mobile and online games sector is rich with vibrant growth opportunities but, inevitably, pitfalls await the uninitiated. Aside from creative risk, technology uncertainties, system boundaries and shifting platform alliances, without a deep understanding of web & mobile analytics, user acquisition methodologies and monetization & retention metrics, it is difficult to form an objective view of potential and a clear plan of action.

Our approach applies deep, sector specific knowledge and operational experience to analyse and benchmark, allowing a fast, focussed, direct and, above all, objective view to be formed.