In late September 2017, one hundred of the world's most influential games industry leaders convened in the English countryside for two days of networking, brainstorming, sharing and dining. For a taste of events, with permission, we're pleased to share some highlights.

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hilmar veigar pétursson - founder, ccp

Virtual World Economies and the Blockchain

Victor kislyi - founder, wargaming

Fireside chat with Paul Heydon, LVP

VC Funding for the Game Sector; Supply & Demand Perspective

Panel Discussion

Moderator: Paul Heydon, LVP
Alexis Bonte, Atomico
Suranga Chandratillake, Balderton
Henrique Olifiers, Founder & CEO Bossa Studios
Silas Adekunle, Founder & CEO Reach Robotics

peter warman - founder, newzoo

The New Dimensions of Gaming; Changing our Business for Good

herman narula - founder, improbable

Fireside chat with David Gardner, LVP

Secrets of Big Exits

Panel Discussion

Moderator: David Gardner, LVP
Neil Young, Founder of ngmoco
Jon Zweig, Founder of AdColony


david goldberg - founders pledge

Doing Good Better

maytal olsha - founder, mitosis

Is Building a Great Game Enough?

markus fuhrman - founder, dojo madness

The Sports Data Play


ken go - founder,            deca

Legendary Live Operations

chris brownridge - founder, gawkbox

Engaging Live Streaming Communities on Twitch and YouTube

jami laes - founder, futureplay

How to Create a World Class Analytics Dashboard?

Graham mcallister -founder, player research

We Did the Best We Could