Who we are

The main thing is to care. Care very hard, even if it is only a game you are playing.
Billie Jean King

David Gardner, OBE



30+ years in game sector. Former CEO & board director, Atari Previously EVP & COO, Worldwide Studios, Electronic Arts ("EA"). 25 years at EA incl. building EA Europe from 0 to $1bn in annual revenue. Successful exit as an Angel Investor in Playfish ($400m sale to EA). Experience working in Silicon Valley and Europe. Awarded OBE in 2007.

Dr David Lau-Kee



20+ years in games. Former founder, President & CEO at Criterion Software Group, including RenderWare & Criterion Games. Successful exit to EA in 2004. Previously co-founder of Canon Research Europe, leading multi-million dollar R&D in computer graphics, image processing & UX. Degrees in Mathematical Statistics & Operations Research and Computer Science PhD.

Paul Heydon



15+ years in games as an advisor and investor. Advised companies incl. Ubisoft, Atari, PlayJam, Criterion Software Group, Lionhead, IO Interactive & Unity Technologies. MD, Avista Partners. Previously Head of Interactive Entertainment at Commerzbank Securities & ING Barings. HBA & MBA from Richard Ivey School of Business at University of Western Ontario.