We're early stage specialists

This means we make initial investments in pre-seed and seed rounds only. Our definition of investing early is investing in the first ever funding round in a company. Yes, we mean early where the company may be just a handful of founders and a plan. A great example of this is our investment in the seed round of Supercell in October 2010. We invested in the founding team based on the quality of the team, their plan and some initial technology they had developed. There is no standard deal. We have led, syndicated with other vc's and invested alongside great angel investors. Because we get the games business, we're often comfortable early on in your journey. We know where you want to go and we're not fazed by the uncertainties others face - we can see through the fog. Where others see mystery and incompleteness, we see foundations for genius and opportunities for excellence.


We only invest in the video games sector

We don't do 'gaming' (gambling) or betting games of any ilk. Neither do we invest in specific, single games (project financing, completion financing). It's not that we don't think these are interesting areas/approaches, they're just not to our taste and we think others are much better suited to help you if this is what you seek.

We invest in business teams. Business teams with terrific, creative games development capacity. Business teams with fantastic ideas for how their technology or scalable service solutions can revolutionise any of the core games processes from development, through discovery, engagement, retention and monetisation.

We love to see intelligence, insight and passion. And we have to see how your business can grow and, ultimately, how it can exit.

Oh, and before you send that NDA, please google "NDA VC".


You probably need money
You definitely need help

LVP are first and foremost mentors.

Individually, we've all done our 2-guys-in-a-garage start-up.
Individually, we've helped companies transition from back-of-an-envelope vision to multi-billion-dollar powerhouse.

It isn't a mystery to us, and our passion is to help you, hands-on, not just strategically but operationally. We'll have ideas that we'd love to share with you, pitfalls we'll gladly warn of, and will show you challenges we've overcome the hard way (and the better routes now obvious in hindsight!).

Success never comes easy, but we'll make sure the path is clear