Today in San Francisco, I gave the above presentation at Casual Connect to give game founders tips on how to approach fundraising in a thoughtful way. Key sections of the presentation are:

•Readiness to raise money - starting before your ready can lead to massive loss of time

•Pitch deck template - short template to use for pitching investors. always be upfront with how much you are raising and use of the proceeds

•Targeting investors - insights on how to choose which investors to target and where to find them

•Contacting investors - tips on how to approach investors

•PR - ideally generate some corporate PR on your firm in combination with your fundraising

•1st pitch meeting - practise and be fully prepared before each meeting

•Follow up - Always do this in diligent and professional way to get to answer of yes want to engage or no thanks

Good luck to those looking to raise money and i hope this is helpful.