David Lau-Kee spoke at the game investment panel at Casual Connect in Amsterdam together with Drew Boortz from Nexon America, Shum Singh of Agnitio Capital and Mark Stevens of Fenwick & West. 

The speakers shared many insights into raising money from VCs and strategic investors, including some exciting details of the Supercell's success story from David Lau-Kee. 

Key take away is that entrepreneurs should do their homework prior to approaching any investors. In particular:

  • Check if an investor is the right fit for your company's focus and growth stage. LVP is an early stage investor, so we like to engage with entrepreneurs as early as possible. We usually do not enter on post-seed stage rounds. 
  • Understand expectations of an investor about the information that should be included in your pitch. LVP's website provides tons of information about our selection process, background of the LVP partners, and priority given to the entrepreneurs introduced by people who we know well.
  • Be clear on what sets your team apart from other game companies and how you are going to find new ways to engage with your players. 
  • We do not expect you to have your product ready but we do appreciate your ability to listen and to pivot in the case of failure, because as an early stage investor we bet on people and their vision rather than specific ideas. 

Start doing your homework by enjoying the video above. ;)