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London Venture Partners is a venture capital seed fund with a difference - we're operating experts in the game sector, and we only ever invest in the game ecosystem. That means we bring real experience and deep understanding. We speak the same language, share the same references, understand the same challenges - and we believe in the same vision.

We know instinctively where the opportunities lie; where there are strengths to be harnessed and exposures to be covered. In fine-grain, no-hiding, straight-talking detail. We know when to bide time, when to iterate and when to go wide. And how.

The LVP Team has been seed investors in game companies that have created approx $12.8 billion in value including Supercell, Unity, NaturalMotion, Playfish, Peak, Applifier, Boomlagoon and Radiant Entertainment. 

Kudos, and thanks, to our portfolio companies Omnidrone, Grey Area, Boomlagoon, Supercell and PlayRaven who created and own the fantastic images on this site.