Want to pitch us?

By far the best way to pitch us is via an introduction from a shared connection. This way, they can help frame your intro and give a bit of extra insight into your thinking. Another great way is to connect with us at a games or tech show... bring us a playable, or art work, or tech demo, and be ready to take us through your pitch deck and help us understand how your business will grow.

Failing that, you can email us. And although we love receiving your emails and promise that every single one will be read and considered, we're very sorry that we can't promise a response. Face-to-face, at a show or when we're visiting one of the PlayHubs, or the like, we'll be very happy to chat informally about what we need to see and what will get our attention. Otherwise, we've tried to give a sense of what works for us under "Deep Dive".