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London Venture Partners is a venture capital seed fund with a difference - we're operating experts in the online, social, mobile and tablet games world, and we only ever invest in those sectors. That means we bring real experience and deep understanding. We speak the same language, share the same references, understand the same challenges - and we believe in the same vision.

We know instinctively where the opportunities lie; where there are strengths to be harnessed and exposures to be covered. In fine-grain, no-hiding, straight-talking detail. We know when to bide time, when to iterate and when to go wide. And how.

In short, we get games.

Jul 15 2014: LVP announces new games fund.
May 6 2014: LVP portfolio company Boomlagoon closes $3.6M series A.
Mar 13 2014: Unity acquires LVP portfolio company Applifier.
Mar 5 2014: LVP welcomes new portfolio company, Omnidrone.
Jan 30 2014: Zynga buys LVP pre-fund portfolio company NaturalMotion for $527 Million.
Jan 21 2014: LVP welcomes new portfolio company, Playraven.
Oct 15 2013: Softbank pays $1.5 Billion for a 51% stake in LVP portfolio company Supercell.

This means we work on pre-seed, seed and series A rounds. Because we get the games business, we're often comfortable early on in your journey. We know where you want to go and we're not fazed by the uncertainties others face - we can see through the fog. Where others see mystery and incompleteness, we see foundations for genius and opportunities for excellence.

LVP are first and foremost mentors.

Individually, we've all done our 2-guys-in-a-garage start-up.
Individually, we've transitioned our companies from back-of-an-envelope vision to multi-billion-dollar powerhouse.

It isn't a mystery to us, and our passion is to help you, hands-on, not just strategically but operationally. We'll have ideas that we'd love to share with you, pitfalls we'll gladly warn of, and will show you challenges we've overcome the hard way (and the better routes now obvious in hindsight!).

Success never comes easy, but we'll make sure the path is clear.

London Venture Partners is focussed on investing in European companies in the digital games sector. Games are the top activity on smartphones.

The game sector has experienced strong growth year on year, for the past two decades with a 26% CAGR and now has approximately $100 billion in total public company market capitalisation. Since 1997, almost $40 billion of value has been created for investors & founders. We believe that is just the beginning of incredible value creation from new disruptive game companies.

Historically European games companies have generated investment returns for their investors & founders, versus North American games companies, and yet Europe remains vastly under-served by VC. Our extensive industry background gives us unrivalled, proprietary deal-flow across this highly capital efficient geography and our domain specific operating experience makes us the first choice for games company entrepreneurs. Our extensive networks globally brings high level access to strategic partners for distribution, co-development, investment and exit.

Investors in the future leaders of the digital social, mobile and tablet games industry.

The London Venture Partners seed fund is a new fund focussed on the digital game sector.

The social, mobile and online games sector is rich with vibrant growth opportunities but, inevitably, pitfalls await the uninitiated. Aside from creative risk, technology uncertainties, system boundaries and shifting platform alliances, without a deep understanding of web & mobile analytics, user acquisition methodologies and monetization & retention metrics, it is difficult to form an objective view of potential and a clear plan of action.

Our approach applies deep, sector specific knowledge and operational experience to analyse and benchmark, allowing a fast, focussed, direct and, above all, objective view to be formed.

Omnidrone Playraven
Boomlagoon Brainbow
Super Cell Grey Area
Play Jam Applifier
Unity 3D Natural Motion
David Gardner David Gardner
General Partner
David Lau-Kee David Lau-Kee
General Partner
Paul Heydon Paul Heydon
General Partner
Phil Harrison Phil Harrison
Special Advisor
  •  30+ years in game sector

  •  Former CEO & board director, Atari Previously EVP & COO, Worldwide Studios, Electronic Arts ("EA")

  •  25 years at EA incl. building EA Europe from 0 to $1bn in annual revenue

  •  Successful exit as an Angel Investor in Playfish ($400m sale to EA)

  •  Awarded OBE in 2007

  •  Experience working in Silicon Valley and Europe

  •  20+ years in game sector

  •  Advisor to game companies

  •  Previously CEO at Criterion Software Group ("CSG")

  •  12 years at CSG incl. founding the business, growing it into the leading middleware provider in the game sector &selling to EA in 2004

  •  Co-founder of Canon Research Europe

  •  Computer Science PhD

  •  13+ years as an investment banker advising game companies incl. Ubisoft, Atari, PlayJam, Criterion Software Group, Lionhead, IO Interactive & Unity Technologies

  •  CEO, Avista Partners

  •  Previously MD, Unity Capital

  •  Head of Interactive Entertainment at Commerzbank Securities & ING Barings

  •  Experience advising on over $1bn of funding & M&A deals in Silicon Valley, Europe & Asia

  •  23+ years in game sector

  •  Corporate VP & Head of EMEA for Interactive Entertainment Business, Microsoft

  •  Formerly President & board director, Atari

  •  Previously President, Worldwide Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment ("SCE") managing 2500 people at 16 locations

  •  16 years at SCE incl. co-founding the business which grew to $10bn+ in annual revenue and multiple acquisitions

  •  International experience working in Europe, Silicon Valley and Japan